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Vision Concepts International iVisionwear Computer Glasses Midnight Black - 1 Pair

  • $49.99
  • $44.99

See Your Screen More Clearly

•Prevent Eye Fatigue

•Protect Your Eyes

•iEdge Lens Filter

•Case Included

iEdge Amplified Focal Lens

•Increases Visual Comfort and Acuity

•Clearer Screen Resolution

•Prevents Eye Strain

iEdge Lens Filter Technology

•Reduces Harmful Digital Glare

•Provides Superior Contrast

•Increases Visual Efficiency and Focus

iEdge Specially Formulated Lens Tint

•Block out Artificial Light Spectrums Annoying to the Eye

•Prevents Eye Fatigue

•Provide Visual Functionality and Comfort

Midnight Black Metal Frame

This frame is more angular than other frame styles, and have a more modern look glasses while still offering the unparalleled combination of protection and vision enhancement thanks to the iEdge Enhanced lens technology. Perfect for those who don't need reading correction, but do need to protect their vision from the harmful UV light that is emitted from the average computer or digital device. Experience all day screen viewing comfort and increased visual acuity.

Protect Your Eyes •iEdge Lens Filter •Case Included

Vision Concepts International iVisionwear™ Computer Glasses Midnight Black

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