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Lamisilat Athlete's Foot Cream - 1 Oz

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Prescription strength LamisilAT Athlete's Foot Cream is an OTC antifungal cream proven to relief most athlete's foot. The athlete's foot cream relieves the main symptoms of athlete's foot such as itching, burning, cracking and scaling.

Terbinafine Hydrochloride Cream 1% Antifungal

  • Burning
  • Relieves Itching
  • Cracking and Scaling

Terbinafine Hydrochloride Cream 1% - Antifungal

Relieves Itching, Burning, Cracking and Scaling

Clinically proven to cure most athlete's foot  | Full Prescription Strength


Cures most athlete's foot (tinea pedis).  Cures most jock itch (tinea cruris) and ringworm (tinea corpis).  Relieves itching, burning, cracking, and scaling which accompany these conditions.


For external use only. 

Do not use:

  •  on nails or scalp. 
  • In or near the mouth or the eyes.
  • For vaginal yeast infections. 

When using this product do not get into the eyes.  If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

Stop use and ask a doctor if too much irritation occurs or gets worse. 

Keep out of reach of children.  If swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center right away

Direction of use

Adults and children 12 years and over:

  • Use the tip of the cap to break the seal and open the tube. 

  • Wash the affected skin with soap and water and dry completely before applying. 

  • For athlete's footwear well-fitting, ventilated shoes.  Change shoes and socks at least once daily. 

  • Between the toes:apply twice a day (morning and night) for 1 week or as directed by a doctor. 

  • On the bottom or sides of the foot: apply twice a day (morning and night) for 2 weeks or as directed by a doctor. 

  • For jock itch and ringworm:apply once a day (morning or night) for 1 week or as directed by doctor. 

  • Wash hands after each use.

Children under 12 years: ask a doctor. 

Do not use if seal on tube is broken or is not visible.  Store at controlled room temperature 20-25°C (68-77°F)

Active Ingredients: Terbinafine Hydrochloride (1% antifungal)

Inactive Ingredients: Benzyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetyl Palmitate, Isopropyl Mirystate, Polysorbate 60, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitan Monostearate, Stearyl Alcohol

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